Why did all these people gather outside Peet’s Chicago on September 18th, 2012?

Peet’s Workers Group, a retail employee organization founded in Chicago, formally petitioned Peet’s Coffee & Tea for a living wage on September 3rd, 2012. On September 18th, Peet’s corporate came to town to tell PWG that despite a very liberal Open Door Policy….. they refused to respond to an entire store of employees asking the same question.

Inspired by the supporters in Chicago, groups around the country have been using the Unite Peet’s support sign to decorate their local Peet’s stores and spread the word about Unite Peet’s. Scroll down for photos of some recent actions, sent to us from Berkeley, CA, Seattle, WA, and Boston, MA.

Support Flier  BostonBostonSeattle 2 Seattle Boston BostonBerkeley BostonBerkeley