peet’s values

Blog Letter JPEGUnite Peet’s believes that sustainable employment is a fundamental issue of human dignity. Steeped in this essential belief and inspired by Unite Peet’s, Peet’s Workers Group formally petitioned Peet’s Coffee & Tea to implement a labor model that makes every job at Peet’s a sustainable one. PWG’s Labor Day 2012 letter reminds Peet’s that its own values demand a living wage for the 80% of its workers who are currently left behind. It states:

“Peet’s’ failure to pay a living wage to the majority of its employees directly undermines its stated vision and mission to ‘inspire our people.'”

Being a Peet’s Retail Associate is not a pocket money job for high school students. Every Peet’s employee is expected to be a professional. These professionals make as little as $8.50/hour, receive zero paid sick days, receive annual raises averaging just $ .25/hour, and have no guarantee whatsoever of minimum scheduled hours from one week to the next.

Here’s what Peet’s has to say about the 80%, about careers, and about sustainability:

“When you put on the apron, you become a coffee and tea expert.”

“Your job is one of the most important at Peet’s.”

“Be an ambassador for the brand — you are the face and voice of Peet’s!”

“Our Retail Associates are the face of our business and are valued members of the Peet’s retail team.”

“After decades of roasting and brewing, we’ve learned that the secret to great coffee is the people who make it. We apply the same care in selecting and preparing our staff as we do when creating the perfect cup.”

“We are personally accountable to each other, our customers and the community, and are committed to sustainable practices.”

“We believe in the principle of abundance; as we grow, we create exciting careers for our people, thriving local communities, and healthy, fulfilling lives for our global partners.”

“From the start, we’ve held the belief that true quality cannot be achieved without social, environmental, and economic sustainability.”

Tell Peet’s you agree. Tell Peet’s that economic sustainability begins with a living wage for 100% of its employees.