get involved

It is our goal to make Peet’s a great workplace for 100% of Peet’s employees, modeling healthy, sustainable employment to a nation increasingly overtaken by unsustainable low-wage jobs. If you want to help Peet’s be a true industry leader, check the list below, and if you like, email us your creative action ideas, or photos of what you’ve already done to help unite Peet’s.


  • Like the Peet’s Workers Group Facebook page. Social media is the quickest, PWGLOGOsimplest way to spread the word far and wide.
  • Tell everyone you know.
  • Sign up for the Unite Peet’s email newsletter to stay informed. (We won’t share your information with anyone.)
  • Visit the Peet’s Workers Group blog for a detailed history of the Chicago group working to unite Peet’s, including in depth discussion on the economic and societal implications of the movement.


  • Let Peet’s know you care how they treat their employees. Ask them why they don’t provide 80% of their workforce with a living wage or sick days, and how this fits in with their values. Let them know you want those who serve you your coffee to be able to pay their bills. Ask them how they plan to make this happen. Be polite and direct. Then forward your email, together with Peet’s’ response, to We won’t use your name without your explicit permission, but we’d love to quote you as a “loyal Peet’s fan.”
  • Let your local Peet’s workers know you care. Don’t put them in an awkward spot by bringing it up in the store. Write a short personal note and slip it with your tip into the tip jar when you buy your coffee. Peet’s management doesn’t touch tips, so you can be sure your note will be read by a Retail Associate or Shift Lead. Invite them to visit, in case they haven’t already, and let them know you appreciate their hard work and support them receiving a living wage.


  • Unite Peet’s is a supportive movement, not a divisive one. We want Peet’s to be the best workplace it can be for all 3800+ employees. We support Peet’s by holding thSupport Flierem to their core values, and we encourage them to lead the industry by paying a living wage to the 80% of employees who are currently left behind. Uniting Peet’s begins with making sure you are the best employee you can be.
  • Send fellow employees at Peet’s Workers Group a message via Facebook or contact Unite Peet’s at Let us know where you work in the company. Share your experience working for Peet’s, how you’d like to be involved in Unite Peet’s, or what you’ve already been doing to improve our company. We keep all such information strictly confidential, so you don’t need to fear retaliation from management. We will not use your name or any other information publicly without your explicit permission.
  • Whatever division of Peet’s you work for, educate yourself on the company: its history, its labor practices, its stated mission and values. Form your own opinion and begin an open dialogue with your coworkers. Remember Peet’s’ Open Door Policy states, “we believe all employees must have the opportunity to be heard and listened to.” Unfortunately right now Peet’s corporate will not acknowledge employee proposals for a living wage. We must continue to have this conversation at all levels within the company if we want to make real positive change at Peet’s. This starts with you.