Hello, employees of Peet’s Coffee & Tea!

Do you like working for Peet’s? As we speak to more and more of the 3000 retail Peetniks across the nation, we hear the same story: “I love the coffee. My coworkers are great. I enjoy what I do. But the pay is terrible. I can’t afford to use my Peet’s health insurance because my wages are so low I can’t pay the co-pays. I come into work when I’m sick because I have no paid sick days and I can’t afford to miss one day of work if I want to pay my rent. I check the schedule every week hoping I got as close to full time hours as possible, but my store over-hired again, and no one’s getting as many hours as they’re able and willing to work.”

Unite Peet’s believes that it is a matter of human dignity that each person in our company receive appropriate, sustainable compensation for t5 year stock pricesheir contribution to Peet’s. Each day we come to work and invest our time, energy, and intellect in Peet’s, whether with customers on a retail sales floor, traveling between stores as managers and directors, roasting the beans out in Alameda, or in front of a computer at the home office in Emeryville. Together, Peet’s’ 3800 employees have built Peet’s into such a successful business that our stocks doubled in value in the years from 2007 to 2012, despite the great recession.

German private equity firm Joh. A Benckiser paid nearly $1,000,000,000 to acquire Peet’s in November, 2012. Says our just-retired CEO Pat O’Dea, to all of us, “You should be immensely proud that you have built Peet’s into such a valuable company.”

We are. We know, as Pat does, that every job at Peet’s is essential to this financial success.

Retail Associates and Shift Leads, the “face and voice of Peet’s,” comprise 80% of Peet’s workforce. If you are one of the 80%, you already know that we are paid pennies above minimum wage, we have zero sick days, and we receive absolutely no guarantee of hours from one week to the next. And if you’ve been through one springtime “raise” cycle at Peet’s, you know that you can’t hope to get so much as a cost-of-living increase out of your annual raise, which will be in the neighborhood of $.25/hour.

Peet’s can more than afford to pay every one of its workers a living wage. Find out how Peet’s Workers Group has asked the company to do so, and how you can get involved.

Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we may connect you with the following resources:

  • labor lawyers
  • media
  • workplace organizers